Friday, May 28

The List

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, with over two dozen cities and towns laying claim to being the birthplace of Memorial Day. (just some Brief knowledge)

Memorial Day weekend has always been one of my favorite holidays. Just the thought of nothing to do.. just pure relaxation, barbecues and yummy cold drinks ...So this blog will be simply laid back ..just with a lil info on great things to do!!! Have Fun and be well! No Post on Monday! oh you thought I was going to list one by one??NOT!) See ya next week!!!!! El Sol, la Playa for 300 please!

Thursday, May 27

Sex Me Up!

Well today is just going to be BONKERS!!!!! Sex and the City 2 comes out and you know those movie theaters are going to be jammed packed with ladies from all walks of life. However they all have one thinAdd Imageg in common...SEX..SEX..SEX. For over ten years us ladies have been living vicariously through each one the characters. I for example feel a solidarity with Miranda and Carrie..not just one character in particular. Now there are many people out there that swear they have never watched it..your lost! These ladies have managed to make me laugh cry..laugh..and cry some more...most importantly they teach valuable lessons on life, love, relationships, friendships etc...Granted they don't speak on world politics or the dow jones ..but that's why we read the NY Times.

Now there has been a surplus of delicious eye candy throughout the years.. what would we do without all the sexy boys that have participated in the sex.. I have the privilege of knowing one of them. So be on the look out for Jeff Diaz, 29 Dominican(straight), Hottie... you know I had to be specific! Making his debut in Sex and the City 2.. who would have thought Dominicans on SATC!. Fuck it..DSATC!!!!
Looking forward to tonight with all my beautiful ladies!!! and as Carrie would say“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them.” ...Running Wild Tonight!

Wednesday, May 26

One Love!

So there's one month left till my vacation. Let the count dowwwwwn begin! 30 days till I'm in Jamrock. However I'm a bit scared knowing the current situation out there. The United States issued a travel alert to warn citizens against visiting the island nation. Now for those of you who are not current events type of people.. and I don't mean who's winning American Idol, let me enlighten you with a brief description. 44 dead and 31 injured due to a drug lord being extradited to the US to be tried for crimes committed, he is wanted by the United States for alleged cocaine and arms trafficking. ,. Now we all know if you do the crime you gotta do the time.. or something like that. I am just in aw that people would harbor a criminal. I mean its pretty scary that innocent people have lost their lives with something that shouldn't even have to be justified. This man is bringing death to the Jamaican people and they still find a way to defend him. Now this is beyond being a Rastafarian, or the white man keeping us down.. Lets not take it personal, hand him over and call it a day! We sit here and listen to the great Bob Marley's songs and yes he was anti oppression, but he was for the just and what was right no matter what. This would have made him turn in his grave. I mention him cause people seem to associate Bob(and I call him bob, cause we go way back!)with rebellion and standing up for our rights.. but this my friends is rebellion of the wrong kind! My prayers go out to the people of Kingston who have lost loved ones over something so stupid. In the words of the Great Bob Marley “Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!" I'll take Politics for 100 please!

Monday, May 24


So I find myself writing my blog at night, day prior to posting. It's getting kind of complicated posting day of..especially with "work".. I mean I am not superwoman...even though I may appear to be. However I will boast that I have become a very good multitasker... Being a mom does that to you. Especially when your 4 year old makes up his own punishments. I get a call from school, teacher wants to speak to me about my child who apparently has taken up the sport of "food flyin" ..(look it up it's in the Special Olympics...) So anyway, she calls and tells him I'm on the phone, he walks over to the phone with not a care in the world thinking Mommy dearest is not on the other side of that phone. Well I was.. and right away I asked what was wrong why was he acting up? and his response was" We will talk about it when I get home" Are you fucking kidding me. I was in a stump and I didn't have a come back! The kid was right! We should talk about it when he gets home! Stupid me for thinking this would get resolved over the phone. Now he is only 4but I feel him as my here I am all day at work thinking what would be the appropriate punishment for him...while all along he knew what his punishment would be! he storms in and exclaims"I know I know, I had a conversation with my dad..I'm gonna try harder and I'm going to behave" I'm now looking at him as if he has two heads..he looks at me and says" I know I'm in trouble.. I was thinking maybe I won't go to that birthday party on Saturday" ..Really ...Really... as I gather my thoughts.. I'm thinking that was my punishment....he stole my punishment..angry I reply" guess what you are going to that party" hahahah exactly what he wanted to hear..he says" okay only if you want me too" 4 years old...Now ..I'm upset..this little fucker won..but its not over as soon as I see him grin and walk over to his room ..I call him back with determination to make him feel some sort of remorse for his behavior at school... I say" No bike ridding for a month, or until I get 6 greens(behavior color chart @school) from you!"..he walks backs and says"are you kidding me right now, I'm just a kid" Got him!!!! "well then act like one! " I returned it back! 4 days after, 3 greens and one yellow...I'm determined! It's like playing checkers with a chess playing four year old ,This one is smart really smart.. but not smarter than me!!!! Ill take strategies for 300 please!

Water Please!

So 30's is not the new 20's, not in a million years!! I know this cause alcohol tolerance is not what it used to be, not mine anyway. This weekend @ brunch I found myself @ 4.30pm slouched over a communal table intoxicated, completely wasted! Shots, Shots, Shots was not even an option for me. Don't think I'll be revisiting Macondo ever again..out of respect for myself and the rest of the spectators. When did this happen? I know the same time I decided to hang out on the couch and live the calm, cool and collected lifestlye. I think I wont be drinking agian.. well not agian..until the next social function..haha, and I promise to show composure..even if its that last thing I do!! Thanks to MercaditoCantina..for the all you can drink brunch for 25 bucks.. prior to Macondo!!

It was an interesting weekend.. and I know that even though my tolerence was low, hangin out with Fam and friends felt really great! No wonder I was so drunk..the happier people are the more they drink according to the Science section in the New York Times! So maybe it wasnt my age.. it was the environment I found myself in!!! hahah, yes I will blame it on eveybody around me..and our good times. Happy Birthday to Graciel and Robert God Bless!! Whats your poison for 100 please!

Friday, May 21

Hippity Hop!

So today's blog will be a bit different I will attempt to rhyme. Since everyone is a rapper now a days here goes...

Bloggin while I'm joggin with my viser on, Skipping while I'm tripping, Get my sippin on. Tryin to catch better man up.before I blow you up...
Are you up for a dare? Teach ya to respect me ,while you hatin on me, its okay to stare, got these numbers make ya wonder who's that girl right there. You see Im humble while you I'm floating on air.I'm commin with it, get your glasses and prepare for the glare. I feel the tention, did I mention. I ain't goin no where! hahahahaha...and I'm a leave it right there...!
You see it can't possibly be that difficult..wheres my bling bling.. and my bentley Ill be waiting for it!! Have your people call my people.. pass it along to Jigga.. Im so ready..Now all joking aside I have respect for hip hop. I love it. but what the hell is going on..why everybody and there moma wanna be rappers. Its stay in school, and get regular 9-5...You don't have to get that quick cash.. its harder than ya think! Kids its not all what its cracked up to be., dont fall into the hype! Do you. Something Light!

Thursday, May 20

Yo Son!

Ghetto! What the hell is Ghetto..many people use that term so loosely. And to tell you the truth I don't like it. I believe that people are products of society.(thanks to sociology class in college) but who are we to say ghetto. What is ghetto? Can someone please explain. Now I don't want to front(is that ghetto) I have used that word many a times. Times when I encounter girls that have no self respect..curse out loud in the streets, have more than 3 baby daddys..have those long ass fake nails. Or guys that wear them baggy ass jeans STILL (why do they wear their pants way off their ass now where they have to walk like ducks?) every other word is bitch when referring to a female, hanging out in street corners (wait those are drug dealers). I don't know when it should be used..I don't want to judge people..should I just shake my head and leave it to beaver..should I embrace them and offer advice on "becoming a better you" who the hell am I to even approach them. What I'm getting at is if these people have not been outside of what they are used to, if they have not had the opportunity to go beyond a 5 mile radius, if they have not met different kind of people other than their immediate neighbors ...who are we to judge them. Maybe we should just remember that we all have the possibility to be in that predicament. or are in that position just on a different level. No matter what - we shouldn't be judging. just thanking god (or whoever you believe in) that we have surpassed that. Now many of them will never get out of that..should we write them off. Not initiate contact? You could learn a lot from that so called Ghetto person. Lets not judge or point fingers, especially if we are not willing to do something positive to help the situation. Ghetto or not we are all brothers and sisters!

Wednesday, May 19

Mirror Mirror

Relationships are funny..they have a way of becoming their own entity seperate from the people involved in them. I always hear "the relationship that they had was so fake" or "they put that relationship on pedastal" or my favorite"that relationship is weird" People dwell much on what things are supposed to be like rather than what they are. Relationships of any kind are a blessing. It means a repore has been established, it means you have broken that seal of being protected and guarded and let someone in. Ladies dwell on what is expected from a relationship. It is fine to want things to be a certain way, to have influence over a situation ur involved in. However we need to know that once in a relationship if the desired results don't match up to your expectations keep it moving cause guess what they never will.Relationships are not their own person..they are attatched to people. People make relationships that's why when we find ourselves in a relationship that is not working out..most likely it's cause of the people involved..they are the true culprits..A relationship just doesnt go bad..people make it bad!

Tuesday, May 18

Tick Tock!

Last night I watched the Dr. Kevorkian story. I wondered how much pain I could tolerate before I would have to ask someone to assist me on taking my own life. I don't think I would have ever recruited someone with hopes of ending my participation here on earth. I am too chicken,not to mention I glorify life and what it represents. These people were truly desperate. I can't imagine how it must feel to want to kill yourself because the quality of life is not the same as before. I'm sort of a liberal I'm pro choice, but don't think I'll ever agree with ending it all due to poor quality of life. Its a tough call. There are many factors to consider. You see, for me Death has always been a scary topic, something extremely sad and tragic. Something I know, I would not be able to initiate ever! Now its not to say that if I am ever hooked up to life support and a complete vegetable you shouldn't pull the plug. Yes do it, I'm useless to everybody. I'm not doing anything for myself, not even breathing. It may sound like a double standard but its not. People that were asking to end their lives still had some left in them. I know many would argue this point, and say well let me not suffer, let me just die now before the going gets tough! I'm here to say, I don't think so. Who the fuck are we to play GOD!, when its are time, it will be our time.. in the mean time. soak it all up, the good and the bad.. its happening for a reason! Not too long ago, I was reflecting on my faith. I have always been a believer, but I needed some reassurance. I started thinking about all this end of the world crap..and it got to me.. I was crying for weeks thinking that my children were going to suffer and that I hadn't accomplished half of what was on my list...I was a hot mess. I prayed that He would grant me the serenity I needed.. and it has been a month now where I'm happy with my place in life, and I'm playing my position. God has a plan drawn out for us all. Even if we might not know what it is, or whats its for. I look back on all my fam and friends that have passed, not ready yet... I'm sure they would have wanted one more hour, one more day.. at least to come to terms or given notice, they would have wanted to say goodbye to their children etc.etc.. People with a terminal disease have a terrible fate granted., but at least they have been given a heads up, their life was just not yanked from underneath them. They have been given an opportunity to come to terms and reflect. Its a blessing in disguise.. not the death part, but the awareness. We should not take any moment in our lives for granted. The good times and the bad are what makes us a whole!
Dedicated to Edna, Charlie and Joey.(gone too soon)Where ever you may be, may you have peace knowing that you are missed and your lives meant something to us..I love and miss you! See ya when the time is right!

Monday, May 17

Part Duece:Work With Me

So I don't know if any of you read last weeks blog about me not going gentle in that good night! I have news about that night and my not so gentle ways. It all started about 6:30pm, I was amping myself up, putting on the music, taking care of business with my kids.. etc etc.. I decided to pick out what I was going to wear. My four year old, walks up to me in a very sarcastic tone"oh yeah, yeah right you are going to go out,you're kidding me right?" Calmly I said "I'm going out with Tia Erica and some friends and you are going to stay home with Tia Lucia and behave like a very good boy". As I continue picking out a quick outfit, I hear his words again, this time isn't wasn't my son, but my mind, my mind playing tricks on me! "what are you doing? just stay home and relax.. you are tired, you just had a baby" No!!! not today I became angry and said out loud " I'm Going Out" my son answered" I know, you told me already..I believe you" hahah I was determined to the point of talking to myself. I hear the doorbell ,my sidekick Erica is here, ready to party! At this point I'm on the couch with my 6month old baby..making up excuses why I should not go out. I pull myself together call up Lucia and tell her to come up that I need to get ready.. ( I love Lucia).I hear the keys at the door.. YES! its on.. I have not given my mind enough time to process a new excuse for not going out! I'm in the shower!!! now to get dressed, put on my sparkly face and get the steppin! I overcame this guilt, laziness, at least for tonight. The next part of the night is something kind of different.. We went out to Jersey with a group of friends, whose brother owns a Sports Bar, SkyBox Sports Bar to be exact! Now I know your thinking..who parties in Jersey???? That's what I thought... but once there and the DJ Spinning all the classics and new joints.. It was worth the ride! Last thing you need is traveling to a destination unknown (Roselle,NJ)for a not so good time. The people in Skybox were great, the bartenders were really friendly especially the one on the lower level that looked so young I could have passed for her mother! (but I'm not) so pass me the drink sweetie!(water to be exact)! Im not trying to get blasted in Jersey no matter how good the music is! But the atmosphere was cool! and I could deff visit there again! So..... you could say Jersey was the spot to get my motivation going for future outings!!!NO more staying home..I got to get up , get out and get some!!!!(just hope Lucia is up for the challenge!) Places to go for 1000 please!

Friday, May 14

Work with me!

So I have made up my mind... tonight I plan to rebel against this age thing! I plan to stay up past 12 am and feel good about it the next day.
I plan to give no justifications or explanations,no extra vitamin consumption..NOTHING! Since the kids, you can find me in bed at 10pm daily. I always turn in early, not through my own encouragement..but my body's. Its like I find myself in a constant battle with both body and mind.. I feel like a damn R.Kelly Song in reverse. See, I love the Kels.. but that song right there ,that intro is what I feel in reverse every night! I try to find a way not to give in.. but its hard. Work all day, come home and work with the kids.. it has become a bit taxing on me.. I'm only 30 years old.. but I'm pushing 70! I know I'm young..I know I still have a lot in me, its just a matter of letting my body know that I mean business!!! I ask of it to be tolerant, to be reasonable and to think of what we used to be together.. we were wild and crazy at one point!
We used to break night all the time, with no regrets.. Now look at what we have become.. divided, lazy, settling... No its not right.. I'm not going to stand for it. We need to meet half way, negotiate..something! Its a shame once upon a time we did everything together.. now I find myself on the couch wondering how can I get this body to participate more! Something that used to come so natural has now become sort of a burden. Wish me luck cause tonight..Im gonna show it whose boss!! and from now on..Im not going to be passive with it, no more mrs nice guy! You'll see! Nursing homes for 100 please!

Thursday, May 13

Forever? Forever ever?

Today I am Focused on future wedding plans.. no not my own!..but of someone I hold dear to me! It's all very premature.. but I'm focused and somewhere in my heart I feel this is the one! So back off Sis, I Run This Wedding! With that being said.. I think we never give enough credit to marriage and everything that comes with it... I know the DRESS..OMG The Dress, the RING, The Reception, all those things are pretty amazing.. but is everyone truly prepared for what comes afterward. We can all get so caught up in the planning of the wedding that we sometimes forget the motivation behind it and what our commitment to it signifies! I know marriage is not perfect.. it can't be(I speak of my own experience)How could it be. We are all different people, that come together as one, to live life as one. There is going to be a clash somewhere in there! When I came home from my honeymoon, I cried my eyes out.. I cried..cause I didn't know what awaited me. I didn't know what was next..Me of the most selfish people I know..COMPROMISE.?????Would that ever be possible, and how? Don't get me wrong I knew what I signed up for. But I was scared, and for the first time felt I like an adult! I was always independent. I did my own laundry, I knew how to cook, clean..etc.etc. But we all know that is not marriage. I have been married almost 6 years and you can actually count my days of cooking and the laundry has always been sent out.. SO THANK GOD marriage is not based on those things! However ,if you ask my husband who knows him best .....and you ask me, you'll know why we are married! Now its not to say that in 6 years of marriage and 13 years of dating he would have known my favorite perfumes, but he still doesn't, "I'm complicated" and its alright. Cause all that stuff really doesn't matter..what does matter is that he's the one I can count on when I'm sick in bed, he's the one I trust my insecurities to. Marriage is much more than fancy dinners, honeymoons, vacations.. More about a life long project to accept one another "as is" normally you wouldn't buy a house "as is" or shoes unless there was some sort of discount..With Marriage there isn't any, what ya see is what ya get..and you have better made sure that what ya see is something you want to see for the long run.. Yes there is always the option of Divorce..but really, when you get married no one aims for a divorce. Unless you are a "Real housewife of Orange County" or a "Basketball Wife"! So I'll take wedding songs for 200 please!

Wednesday, May 12

Laugh Damm It!!

How are people funny, I mean doesn't that come natural.. like coughing or something? My husband said I should try to liven up my blogs ..since they kind of been on the serious side. I'm funny at home.. hahaha funny, but not smack yourself on the knee funny..So I wouldn't even know how to begin.. Do I start with a knock knock joke?? or perhaps.. poke fun at others and get my funny blog at anothers expense.hmmmm that could work.. but don't know if I'm in that kind of mood! I don't know if I want to give others credit on MY blog. I don't know how comfortable I feel being "funny". I mean funny is ok..come to think of it funny is settling.. I would like to be Hilarious!!!now that's Something to talk about. Hello read me I'm Hilarious!! I could live with that.. what I found out is that trying to be anything is way to hard. Like I said, shouldn't being funny come natural! LMAO,LOL, Give me a break! I don't feel the need to impose my comedic skills on anyone just yet.. however at this time I can recommend a couple of "HILARIOUS" movies.. But knowing my husband.. and his movie downloads he prob.. already saw them. Tough luck Papa maybe next time!Love you though! So here goes.. Top Ten Funnies movies of all times..1. Co coon 2. Save Willy 3. Titanic 4.The Green Mile 5. The Exorcist(really funny, so funny its scary) 6. My Sisters Keeper(you know that was so funny it had you crying) 7. Eyes Wide Shut 8.Bambi 9.Holocaust: The Liberation of Auschwitz, last but not least the funniest of them all 10.Born into brothers...There you have it.. Go and your own time. Time for the Daily Double!!!!!I'll take Jaded for 300 please!

Tuesday, May 11

Oh Please!

Warning, Warning, Warning!!! To those of you who feel like you are Gods gift to humanity..YOU ARE NOT! and I kind of feel bad letting out that statement, cause I am all for empowering people and helping out individuals with a low self esteem... but what if you are just plain condescending! I don't care if your "different" and if you have to tell me your different guess what sweetie.. your not! Sometimes less is more, and I believe firmly that you don't need public displays of what you own, where ya been, or where ya heading!!! Don't get get me wrong I don't want to be a hypocrite. I too have a facebook page, where i display my vacations, or announce when I'm out!! But there's a thin line with sharing, and becoming obnoxious. Here in New York we have so many different cultures, so many differences that its awesome how everything rubs off on everybody. We have got to be one of the most dynamic cities ever. So when you tell me your different cause you like foreign films, or different foods, and you shop labels ..guess what so does everyone else in NY. I think I'm more impressed and intrigued with that silent person that gives no justification, or has no need to inform, or dress any particular way. Shallow individuals are pretty apparent! Give me Mayonaise on two slices of bread any day ill eat it up!!! Ill never forget where I came from and Ill never forget that before I was introduced to all these fancy restaurants, vacations, etc, I was a Brooklyn chic! Bushwick to be exact! and ain't nothing wrong with that! If you forget where you came from how can you possibly know where you are going! Ill sit on a milk crate outside my building, but there is no longer a need cause when I want a better ambiance ill go sit on a couch in a lounge or something. But I'll never forget that, that was my option growing up!!! So next time you feel your so special for the materialistic things you own or have done, remember that you are not the only one.. We come across "you" daily and sometimes it is better to boast about more important things, like what you have done recently to help out society ..rather than what you have coped to ride through it!

Monday, May 10

Yes Sir, No Sir!!!

So we all have our days, weeks, months, years!!!We all have those moments where we let things slide. We let ourselves just not get involved. Well not me! NOT I SAID THE FLY! I have a tendency to get over involved, I want to resolve, I need to find a solution, I want to get in between that rock.. Particularly when it comes to the people I love the most! I will not let go with out a fight! I have this crazy mother hen the point where its pretty clear in the group of friends who's who! What made me this way? Could it have been my dad who left us when I was sixteen, and I grew this urge to protect my sis in every which way I possibly could! What I am getting at is that at some point we must all show resistance. We must become revolutionaries of what we hold dear and sacred to us! We must stand firm in our foundations and not waiver if signs of deterrents come our way! Fuck it !!!We must say ...NO, this is what I want, This is what I'm gonna do to get it.. can you please get the Fuck out of my way!!!! Do not take no for an answer, no is not an option!!!!! You must be willing to fight for what you want and need.. and if you don't then its really not that important to you. We can't go through life passively thinking that things will come to us, especially with the things we want! Now I'm not saying to go around badgering and beating up people.. but please hold your ground and let people know you mean business!!! My son said to me" I think I want to color one more picture before I go to bed" I said" no just go to sleep its past your bed time" he said " Really, well I need to color one more picture before I go to bed, I'm serious mom, its going to be quick, don't panic, I still wake up early every day!" Hes 4 years old and he answered back, with a logical argument. He didn't win, but he tried.. and most of us adults don't even do that. Why do we take what is handed to us and call it a day? Is that what we have conditioned ourselves to believe, that people can give us shit and passively we can take it!!We must learn to PASS on the shit, Cause that's when we become full of it! International Cuisine for 600 please!

Friday, May 7

Mama Mia


Today's Blog happens to be very emotional for me. I cant help but feel overwhelmed with the thought that God has blessed me with such a wonderful woman in my life. I mean we all had our issues with our moms..especially in our teenage years was something we had to go through! I am so thankful for having her in my life, I am elated to have this person who I have the privilege of calling my mother. Just think many people aren't that lucky and for them I pray! 30 years ago I came into this world, and according to my mother I wasn't kicking nor screaming I was a peaceful little baby and a very easy pregnancy..Maybe I already knew that I had landed into the right womb. Maybe then I knew that coming out I would never have a problem. Maybe I knew that she would ALWAYS have my back. Maybe I knew that she would provide me with additional siblings that have become a very important part of my life and that they too would be there for me. Maybe I knew that she promised to GOD to always watch over me, and mold me into a person that she and I can both feel proud of!!!!or perhaps it was just the way things are supposed to be. Either way I feel blessed! Lets not underestimate our mothers, if you are a mother yourself you know very well what you went through to become a parent and what your still going through cause parenting is job for life.. until death do us part!! No one teaches us to be mothers. They teach us how to bathe a baby, they give us home remedies for colic, etc. etc. But no one teaches you to say that extra I love you in the morning or that random phone call just to make sure everything is ok. With that being said I would like to apologize to my mom for every time I came out my box and disrespected her, or all the times she shed a tear because of me. Now with my own kids I find myself relating more and more to my mother. I now know why there was all of the overprotecting, numerous calls, the yelling to get me to do my chores, the commotion over the tattoos!!!! Children are sacred and our moms knew that from the very beginning. No matter what our mothers approach was they meant well. I once told a friend in anger "you are just like your mother" and felt bad afterwards thinking that what I said offended her. She replied" your right I am just like my mother" and proceeded to name all the good attributes of her mom, the ones I failed to notice cause it was not my mom.. Looking back I regret that statement in anger...cause no matter what, it was her mother who brought her into my life! If not for her mother I wouldn't have spent numerous sleepovers after clubbing, or all the good times we have shared! Fran I apologize to you again! Your mother is Awesome and I thank you for not getting offended and correcting me right there and then! Mothers are important and we should acknowledge that not just on Mother's Day but every single day of our life!!! To those who mothers have passed, My prayers are with you on this coming holiday, to those who never knew the love of a mother, my prayers also go out to you, and to those who still have their mothers, be grateful for another day, another opportunity to make it better, another chance to make it right if its not, another day to say I love you, another day to make it count! Don't hold back, forgive, love, laugh and move forward to the next thing that could potentially be the best thing, that has ever happened to you! Thanking GOD for all our mothers!!!!Blessings for 1000 please!

Thursday, May 6

Get Off My Train!!!!!!

Did you ever get so angry you needed to burst into tears???? Tears that are sacred to you, cause you know the only time tears should come out is when they are out of happiness!!! I'm an emotional person, but then again most women are.. The corniest little things make my eyelids rain! Recently a tiff with co-workers made me cry so much and so angry that I let them get the best of me. Never again will those individuals see that they are capable of breaking me down! Since then I have learned lots from that experience. I have learned that sometimes people thrive on others unhappiness. I have learned that at times not everyone is going to be happy for you. What I am getting at is that. People only do what we allow them to do to us. WE HAVE THE POWER!!!! Only through us can they achieve anything that might affect us! With this being said, I have learned to also forgive.. life is too short to hold grudges, don't get me wrong those slimy nasty wenches, good for nothings, users, posers, that cant coordinate an outfit to save their lives, deserve for me to open up a can of whoop ass on them but....I AM BETTER THAN THAT!!!we all are!! but seriously I learned that people are not always going to love you.that not everybody will treat you like you treat them, that the word loyalty means little now a days. but you should keep allowing yourself to become vulnerable cause not everyone is the same..So next time Misery comes along with her friends Jealousy, and Envy..remember to embrace them cause they have not met your friends..Love, Empathy and Joy!!!Simple and Short.. I'll take minions for 300 please!

Wednesday, May 5


SO....during all my blog excitement last night I found it hard to sleep wondering what topic would be appropriate for my First official blog.. I think I was so amped about all the topics that I couldn't find my sleep. Laying there next to Poppa aka. my Husband. I kept telling him my ideas as he tried hard to find his own sleep. I wanted so much to be selfish and wake him, but contained myself. It was an unexplainable anxiety. I felt hungry but I was not about to get up at 2 a.m and gain 4 pounds on an indulgence. Then I thought about a glass of wine, but I'm on there goes that thought. I was buggin out. I mean seriously. WTF...its just a blog.. NOT! I have the potential to make people laugh, cry, get upset...and whatever else people are into now a days. Why is it that we put the pressure on ourselves to go beyond each and every time. Why are we never satisfied? Is it selfish for wanting more? Don't we deserve it? And that's how I found my topic. ..Satisfaction and our constant need for it. I need it, I want it, I gots to have it!!! God forbid you come between me and my wants! How many of us go through life passively, not wanting for a damn thing? I mean, in the constitution one of our the pursuit of happiness. And unfortunately not all our happiness is based on peace and saving the world. We are materialistic beings. We need objects,materialistic things in order to be happy. Ill feed the homeless, but can I please have my Red lipstick by Nars as well! Now I know I started out with satisfaction and find myself basking in materialistic things but don't they go hand in hand? Are you going to tell me that all of your satisfaction can be purely based on everything good and humane. Walking your annoying 80 year old neighbor down the steps, or countless selfless acts of love towards the next person we encounter? I refuse to believe that..and if you do ..give back those big engagement rings ladies, and the 100,000.00 wedding and fellas what's the point of fancy cars, 60"flat screens(wait thats a different topic all together)!!! I'll take relevance for 400 please!

Tuesday, May 4

Girl Not So Interuppted

So this is my very first "Blog", and I feel completely confused, excited, sad, angry,and happy all at the same time! Why.. you may ask.. cause I didn't have the nerve to do this sooner:)! I will be completely ME, Happy, Corney, Inappropriate, Free-Spirited.. and who knows what else.
I plan to write about life, love, my interest, restaurants I visit, etc!etc!etc!
Welcome to my world!
Everything Me and Little Things About Everything!