Monday, May 10

Yes Sir, No Sir!!!

So we all have our days, weeks, months, years!!!We all have those moments where we let things slide. We let ourselves just not get involved. Well not me! NOT I SAID THE FLY! I have a tendency to get over involved, I want to resolve, I need to find a solution, I want to get in between that rock.. Particularly when it comes to the people I love the most! I will not let go with out a fight! I have this crazy mother hen the point where its pretty clear in the group of friends who's who! What made me this way? Could it have been my dad who left us when I was sixteen, and I grew this urge to protect my sis in every which way I possibly could! What I am getting at is that at some point we must all show resistance. We must become revolutionaries of what we hold dear and sacred to us! We must stand firm in our foundations and not waiver if signs of deterrents come our way! Fuck it !!!We must say ...NO, this is what I want, This is what I'm gonna do to get it.. can you please get the Fuck out of my way!!!! Do not take no for an answer, no is not an option!!!!! You must be willing to fight for what you want and need.. and if you don't then its really not that important to you. We can't go through life passively thinking that things will come to us, especially with the things we want! Now I'm not saying to go around badgering and beating up people.. but please hold your ground and let people know you mean business!!! My son said to me" I think I want to color one more picture before I go to bed" I said" no just go to sleep its past your bed time" he said " Really, well I need to color one more picture before I go to bed, I'm serious mom, its going to be quick, don't panic, I still wake up early every day!" Hes 4 years old and he answered back, with a logical argument. He didn't win, but he tried.. and most of us adults don't even do that. Why do we take what is handed to us and call it a day? Is that what we have conditioned ourselves to believe, that people can give us shit and passively we can take it!!We must learn to PASS on the shit, Cause that's when we become full of it! International Cuisine for 600 please!

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  1. great blog.....theres a quote i haves always loved which goes with your blog "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."Harvey Fierstein