Friday, May 7

Mama Mia


Today's Blog happens to be very emotional for me. I cant help but feel overwhelmed with the thought that God has blessed me with such a wonderful woman in my life. I mean we all had our issues with our moms..especially in our teenage years was something we had to go through! I am so thankful for having her in my life, I am elated to have this person who I have the privilege of calling my mother. Just think many people aren't that lucky and for them I pray! 30 years ago I came into this world, and according to my mother I wasn't kicking nor screaming I was a peaceful little baby and a very easy pregnancy..Maybe I already knew that I had landed into the right womb. Maybe then I knew that coming out I would never have a problem. Maybe I knew that she would ALWAYS have my back. Maybe I knew that she would provide me with additional siblings that have become a very important part of my life and that they too would be there for me. Maybe I knew that she promised to GOD to always watch over me, and mold me into a person that she and I can both feel proud of!!!!or perhaps it was just the way things are supposed to be. Either way I feel blessed! Lets not underestimate our mothers, if you are a mother yourself you know very well what you went through to become a parent and what your still going through cause parenting is job for life.. until death do us part!! No one teaches us to be mothers. They teach us how to bathe a baby, they give us home remedies for colic, etc. etc. But no one teaches you to say that extra I love you in the morning or that random phone call just to make sure everything is ok. With that being said I would like to apologize to my mom for every time I came out my box and disrespected her, or all the times she shed a tear because of me. Now with my own kids I find myself relating more and more to my mother. I now know why there was all of the overprotecting, numerous calls, the yelling to get me to do my chores, the commotion over the tattoos!!!! Children are sacred and our moms knew that from the very beginning. No matter what our mothers approach was they meant well. I once told a friend in anger "you are just like your mother" and felt bad afterwards thinking that what I said offended her. She replied" your right I am just like my mother" and proceeded to name all the good attributes of her mom, the ones I failed to notice cause it was not my mom.. Looking back I regret that statement in anger...cause no matter what, it was her mother who brought her into my life! If not for her mother I wouldn't have spent numerous sleepovers after clubbing, or all the good times we have shared! Fran I apologize to you again! Your mother is Awesome and I thank you for not getting offended and correcting me right there and then! Mothers are important and we should acknowledge that not just on Mother's Day but every single day of our life!!! To those who mothers have passed, My prayers are with you on this coming holiday, to those who never knew the love of a mother, my prayers also go out to you, and to those who still have their mothers, be grateful for another day, another opportunity to make it better, another chance to make it right if its not, another day to say I love you, another day to make it count! Don't hold back, forgive, love, laugh and move forward to the next thing that could potentially be the best thing, that has ever happened to you! Thanking GOD for all our mothers!!!!Blessings for 1000 please!


  1. Wow this is beautiful! ♥ it!

  2. awww. happy mothers day.

  3. I love my mom......u bought tears to my eyes!!!!
    happy mothers days to all the mothers!!!!

  4. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! i <3 it!!!!

  5. Very well said Carmen. Such a beautiful and real story to read today. Thanks for ending my night on a happy note.

  6. Awwww Carm u see u too are ur moms daughter!!! No need for apologies we r fam its what we do we fight we cry we laugh we sigh we break up to make up we love hard and drink harder lol and it all makes our bond that much more stronger!!!! Love u Carm and I'm loving ur blogs