Monday, July 12

Summer Lovin

So I don't remember when I signed up to be a spy.. but today I found myself along with my sidekick at Astoria Pool sneaking a peak at my four year old at his first day of summer camp.

There he was chatting with new little friends and playing around. I saw him go into that 2 feet pool and splash around and be independent. At one point I wanted to shout out and wave, and let him know I saw him and that I was there for him. Thats just in case the 150 summer camp counselors and 30 lifeguards that were there to save him for some reason couldn't that I "SUPERMOM" was there. However my sidekick held me back. I was confused, and felt impotent. I wanted to jump over that separation bar and spray some sunblock on him, I wanted to lay out his towel to dry and neatly place his crocks where he could find them. Right when I was at the verge of going insane it happened, I saw how my little one dried himself off and neatly (like his mom would) lay out his towel to dry, and apply sunblock, I was proud! he did just as I would do, and I wasn't even present! (at least to his knowledge)

You see a couple months ago I decided he was going to be one of them kids that attended summer camp. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I signed away and made that payment. Now I find myself crying and worried about my child hoping all is well as he journeys out on his summer adventures. I know this is what's best for him, but just like his first day of school, I'm the one left crying on the sidelines after he is scooped up by the bus that takes him away and leaves me in that dramatic state. Parenting is more than bedtimes, milk , cartoons. If you're a parent you know exactly what I mean.

I'm hoping it gets better with time but I'm only fooling myself! I know it will only get worse as he gets older. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to come up with some sort of disguise and I'm wondering how long my Sidekick aka sister will be up for the job. It's unbelievable how attached we are to our children at least us moms are.

SO when the kid gets home and I ask him how his day went, when I asked him what happen at the pool he says it went horrible that he didn't have his towel and that his skin feels burned..(Really?) and that he spoke to no one......When I ask him if he wants to go back, he says yes. (Big Really?) This kids out to get me...Thank God I traded in my 9-5, for a day of espionage at the pool, call Russia I'm on my way! I'll take Summer Games for 300 Please!

Tuesday, July 6

I'm Back!

I have missed you!!! No not you, you...For the past two weeks I have been on vacation, a very well deserved one! It felt good not to have a schedule and roam free, wake up late, enjoy the water, drinks, and whatever else was offered, guilt free! I did not miss the city one bit! What I did miss was writing the blog since I know I have some faithful readers(thank you, thank you). Never thought I would be a blogger and must share some info.. there are a whole lot of bloggers out there (just in case you didn't know) there is practically a blog for everything. I kind of feel bad my blog is not geared towards one specific thing. Oh well its my blog.."read if ya want" ..its my motto!

So during my vaca I went to Jamaica and the Jersey Shore.. I have a thing with letters and numbers. one year I went to Cabos and Columbia one year I went to DR and Denver...I kid..but I do have random moments like that, dates have to match and sound good together its easier for me to remember them, not just any dates, I'm not a freak..(ha) just important ones!
Well back to Jamaica and Jersey.. Jamaica first and (Mikey this ones for you!) I will never go back there again!!!!.. I'm sorry Bob, your people were kind of rude to me! I know ,I know ONE LOVE, ONE HEART! we have all seen the commercials....not!!!.. and maybe my comment is geared towards the hotel we stayed in the RIU NEGRIL!!! WTF it was a hot mess! I have never had such a vaca, where the towel boy tells you to go get a towel yourself! Thank God I was with my Family and Friends or else I would have been on the next plane up out of Jamrock!Not even the trees were good, Not that I smoked them.( I did,when in rome!)...but everything was not "Erie Mon" and me "Wan Gwan" to reach home real soon!

Jersey well that's another story..different kind of vaca,.. PG Rated with my kids..and other peoples kids..nice..laid back.. soothing.. again.. PG 13!

Till Next Monday!!Places not to visit for 100 please!

Monday, June 21

Shake what ya momma gave ya!

So as promised here I am only posting on Mondays. This weekend was an eventful one. For the first time ever I went out with my mom to a club. What I saw was insane.. Yes I have been to a club many a times.. but Saturday night was special..cause I was with the woman who brought me into this world.. and seeked desperately to navigate me away from theses places in my late teens and all through my twenties. My mom was on her best behavior and I must say it wasn't bad at all.. we all had a great time. However I cant speak the same for other people.. I hope it wasn't your mother I saw out last night with a mini skirt hiked up her butt.. looking for some action.. walking up in the place, rubbing hands together as if she knew she was going to get some.. I was embarrassed for that lady. Actually I was embarrassed for quite a few of them. When is it time to just lay back and relax.. I know about not going gentle into that goodnight.. I have been fighting the battle for a little while now.. I'm just curious when is enough enough!These ladies blessed their heart, looked as if they were regulars in that place(Gran Rancho JUBILE).. And I find nothing wrong with women over 55 getting their grove on.. but come on!!! have some respect! I would never be able to frequent a same social establishment as an 18 year old would.. unless its the library, grocery store, restaurant or hospital..! There is a time for everything in take advantage. just like milk has an expiration date so does the ability of you looking sexy in a too tight skirt in a club!! What was even more devastating is that these ladies had more energy than me..hahaha..So maybe I am hating just a tad, but I'm serious when I say 55+ have no business up in a club with people half their age. Its wrong and feelings could get hurt! More importantly it's inappropriate! Yeah go out and celebrate.. I have no problem.. but becoming a regular??? shouldn't become a regular anywhere, at any age!!! I'll take knowing when to stop for 300 please!

Monday, June 14

Breath Easy!

So I knew the decore blog would be hard.. since I'm a fanatic about interiors and there is just too many possibilities.. So here I am back to my basic blog, about me and everything else I want to speak about! This morning I was overwhelmed thinking that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my list, as usual.. I start thinking and stressing about absolutely everything. I carry those thoughts into my job where of course they are less receptive and where for the past 2 months threes has been nothing but a negative, fake energy in the air! Mid morning I stop everything, take a deep breath and exhale the longest breath you can possibly imagine. I start to think about all my blessings and my thoughts get interrupted by " I need you to call such and such.....because..such and such is happening" in the nastiest tone. Umm Thanks for interrupting my wusa moment! Particularly coming from one of the people that have been trying to make my work life a living appropriate! Now if i didn't know any better i would have thought this girl was premeditating my exact moment of release so she could step in with her request.. I dusted her off, and continued with my duties.. Rhianna's "I'm so hard" pops up into my Pandora and I'm like "yes, I am so hard" hahahah.. back to me! Now this could have gone completely the other way where I could have spazed on her.. which she rightfully deserves, for all these months of antagonizing me!but i held my composure and didn't allow her to see that she affected me in any way. We sometimes let people affect us in a negative way and we end up hurt, angry , or stressed out.. Not me, not anymore.. I'm letting many things and people sliiddddddddddddddddeeeeeeee! Cause at the end of the day, my moments and time are important to only me. I can choose to be happy or I can choose to get upset.. its in my hands! I am sure this girl was fishing for another outcome.. she didn't get it., never ever gonna get it! Ill take moments that take your breath away for 400 please!

Sunday, June 6

Jar Head!

As promised this blog will be about decore and all the awesome little pretty kick ass things that fancy me! Lately Im into jars, all sorts of interesting ones..that inspire me and take me to another time and place. These cute jars are great to store everything from your jewlery to your teabags!! I picked some up at Anthropologie, where prices range from $18-$28 bucks..
I absoloutely love them, they even come in a scented candle option for double the pleasure.. I have these around the house in my bedroom and livingroom, makes for some great decore as well! You can also check out my friends spot Where she also carries some cool ones as well! Grab some and get creative!

Thursday, June 3

What's Next!

So I took one day off from posting and I'm being persecuted! I have a logical and reasonable explanation..I was tired!!!! Life's day to day has been trying its hardest to get the best of me.. and yesterday I entertained it for a bit! I let it think I was giving in.. But today folks its a different story.. I'm back in full throttle "Multi-Tasking" like ones business! I feel proud to have checked off many things off my to do list. Now I'm the kind of person that keeps adding and adding to my to do list, especially when I see that the list is looking scarce. I need to be busy, I like it, I live for it! However I must admit lately I have been biting more than I can chew, I feel its mental exercise! exercising is healthy right?? My task are never ending..and I feel like I need a stress reliever..something that this blog was supposed to be..

So I have decided to turn this blog into something a bit different than my usual ranting about my goings on. I will be posting about what I love Interior Design, Restaurants, Favorite sites etc... Once a week I will post about a new product, or new tips on Design and Decore, you can feel free to leave me comments and questions you might have. I will also be adding useful links. to help you out a bit. Since I started this blog the response has been amazing and I thank you all!! I hope you will continue to follow me on this new venture.. However it ill still be called "Little things about Everything, I will still have my occasional rants on my one nonsense. Thanks Much and see ya on Monday with a new kind of "blog"! What to post for 100 please!

Tuesday, June 1


So given the lovely weekend I'm glad to say everything went smoothly and with out any issues.Enjoyed my weekend off.. and now back to reality!!! Had sometime to reflect and came to the conclusion that we have the power to make our lives to be what we want it to be. We have the power to control all situations we are in. Recently a friend asked me what would I do if everything I had was taken away. To be honest I was at a lost for words. Instead of saying something like.. Keep it moving, what doesn't break me will only make me stronger..etc.. I was at a pause. I thought to myself what would I do???? I have so many things I covet, two of those things being my children! Thing 1 and Thing 2..hahaha I couldn't possibly fathom things or anything I loved being taken away from me. However it put things in perspective for me and I started thinking about all the significant things that really matter.
I found that the list was rather short.. and the only thing I held on to were the people that I couldn't breath with out my family!
My family(my bubble)is my daily motivation! Just the thought of not having them bring me to tears. The thought of not being able to see my sister dance to house, or my son laugh, my mother worry over me.. those thoughts consume me. I'm extremely sensitive when it comes to family. I don't know how other people are not. Family is important, to have people that will fight your battles even though you are wrong, to have people that love you unconditionally is a pretty awesome feeling. I thank God daily for all my blessings. I'll take DNA samples for 100 please!