Monday, June 21

Shake what ya momma gave ya!

So as promised here I am only posting on Mondays. This weekend was an eventful one. For the first time ever I went out with my mom to a club. What I saw was insane.. Yes I have been to a club many a times.. but Saturday night was special..cause I was with the woman who brought me into this world.. and seeked desperately to navigate me away from theses places in my late teens and all through my twenties. My mom was on her best behavior and I must say it wasn't bad at all.. we all had a great time. However I cant speak the same for other people.. I hope it wasn't your mother I saw out last night with a mini skirt hiked up her butt.. looking for some action.. walking up in the place, rubbing hands together as if she knew she was going to get some.. I was embarrassed for that lady. Actually I was embarrassed for quite a few of them. When is it time to just lay back and relax.. I know about not going gentle into that goodnight.. I have been fighting the battle for a little while now.. I'm just curious when is enough enough!These ladies blessed their heart, looked as if they were regulars in that place(Gran Rancho JUBILE).. And I find nothing wrong with women over 55 getting their grove on.. but come on!!! have some respect! I would never be able to frequent a same social establishment as an 18 year old would.. unless its the library, grocery store, restaurant or hospital..! There is a time for everything in take advantage. just like milk has an expiration date so does the ability of you looking sexy in a too tight skirt in a club!! What was even more devastating is that these ladies had more energy than me..hahaha..So maybe I am hating just a tad, but I'm serious when I say 55+ have no business up in a club with people half their age. Its wrong and feelings could get hurt! More importantly it's inappropriate! Yeah go out and celebrate.. I have no problem.. but becoming a regular??? shouldn't become a regular anywhere, at any age!!! I'll take knowing when to stop for 300 please!

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  1. I must agree with you on that one... But I'm glad that she went with ya to the club... I was like OMG... Flor with the girls clubbing? I was in shock, but hey is HER BIRTHDAY and she deserves to be celebrating it with her girls that where brought up well... No matter how old ur mom is She will always stay Classy just like Carmen and Mercedes... Love you Girls A Lot and I'm Proud of all of you.. Muahzzzz