Tuesday, June 1


So given the lovely weekend I'm glad to say everything went smoothly and with out any issues.Enjoyed my weekend off.. and now back to reality!!! Had sometime to reflect and came to the conclusion that we have the power to make our lives to be what we want it to be. We have the power to control all situations we are in. Recently a friend asked me what would I do if everything I had was taken away. To be honest I was at a lost for words. Instead of saying something like.. Keep it moving, what doesn't break me will only make me stronger..etc.. I was at a pause. I thought to myself what would I do???? I have so many things I covet, two of those things being my children! Thing 1 and Thing 2..hahaha I couldn't possibly fathom things or anything I loved being taken away from me. However it put things in perspective for me and I started thinking about all the significant things that really matter.
I found that the list was rather short.. and the only thing I held on to were the people that I couldn't breath with out my family!
My family(my bubble)is my daily motivation! Just the thought of not having them bring me to tears. The thought of not being able to see my sister dance to house, or my son laugh, my mother worry over me.. those thoughts consume me. I'm extremely sensitive when it comes to family. I don't know how other people are not. Family is important, to have people that will fight your battles even though you are wrong, to have people that love you unconditionally is a pretty awesome feeling. I thank God daily for all my blessings. I'll take DNA samples for 100 please!

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