Thursday, June 3

What's Next!

So I took one day off from posting and I'm being persecuted! I have a logical and reasonable explanation..I was tired!!!! Life's day to day has been trying its hardest to get the best of me.. and yesterday I entertained it for a bit! I let it think I was giving in.. But today folks its a different story.. I'm back in full throttle "Multi-Tasking" like ones business! I feel proud to have checked off many things off my to do list. Now I'm the kind of person that keeps adding and adding to my to do list, especially when I see that the list is looking scarce. I need to be busy, I like it, I live for it! However I must admit lately I have been biting more than I can chew, I feel its mental exercise! exercising is healthy right?? My task are never ending..and I feel like I need a stress reliever..something that this blog was supposed to be..

So I have decided to turn this blog into something a bit different than my usual ranting about my goings on. I will be posting about what I love Interior Design, Restaurants, Favorite sites etc... Once a week I will post about a new product, or new tips on Design and Decore, you can feel free to leave me comments and questions you might have. I will also be adding useful links. to help you out a bit. Since I started this blog the response has been amazing and I thank you all!! I hope you will continue to follow me on this new venture.. However it ill still be called "Little things about Everything, I will still have my occasional rants on my one nonsense. Thanks Much and see ya on Monday with a new kind of "blog"! What to post for 100 please!

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