Tuesday, May 11

Oh Please!

Warning, Warning, Warning!!! To those of you who feel like you are Gods gift to humanity..YOU ARE NOT! and I kind of feel bad letting out that statement, cause I am all for empowering people and helping out individuals with a low self esteem... but what if you are just plain condescending! I don't care if your "different" and if you have to tell me your different guess what sweetie.. your not! Sometimes less is more, and I believe firmly that you don't need public displays of what you own, where ya been, or where ya heading!!! Don't get get me wrong I don't want to be a hypocrite. I too have a facebook page, where i display my vacations, or announce when I'm out!! But there's a thin line with sharing, and becoming obnoxious. Here in New York we have so many different cultures, so many differences that its awesome how everything rubs off on everybody. We have got to be one of the most dynamic cities ever. So when you tell me your different cause you like foreign films, or different foods, and you shop labels ..guess what so does everyone else in NY. I think I'm more impressed and intrigued with that silent person that gives no justification, or has no need to inform, or dress any particular way. Shallow individuals are pretty apparent! Give me Mayonaise on two slices of bread any day ill eat it up!!! Ill never forget where I came from and Ill never forget that before I was introduced to all these fancy restaurants, vacations, etc, I was a Brooklyn chic! Bushwick to be exact! and ain't nothing wrong with that! If you forget where you came from how can you possibly know where you are going! Ill sit on a milk crate outside my building, but there is no longer a need cause when I want a better ambiance ill go sit on a couch in a lounge or something. But I'll never forget that, that was my option growing up!!! So next time you feel your so special for the materialistic things you own or have done, remember that you are not the only one.. We come across "you" daily and sometimes it is better to boast about more important things, like what you have done recently to help out society ..rather than what you have coped to ride through it!


  1. Amen! I'll take a slice of bread with ketchup please!

  2. Amen!!! Some people think bragging about their travels makes them accomplished or "cultured" but they failed to realize anyone can buy a plane ticket and book a hotel if you have a credit. Traveling should be a humbling experience instead of one that makes you feel as if you are better then everyone else.