Wednesday, May 12

Laugh Damm It!!

How are people funny, I mean doesn't that come natural.. like coughing or something? My husband said I should try to liven up my blogs ..since they kind of been on the serious side. I'm funny at home.. hahaha funny, but not smack yourself on the knee funny..So I wouldn't even know how to begin.. Do I start with a knock knock joke?? or perhaps.. poke fun at others and get my funny blog at anothers expense.hmmmm that could work.. but don't know if I'm in that kind of mood! I don't know if I want to give others credit on MY blog. I don't know how comfortable I feel being "funny". I mean funny is ok..come to think of it funny is settling.. I would like to be Hilarious!!!now that's Something to talk about. Hello read me I'm Hilarious!! I could live with that.. what I found out is that trying to be anything is way to hard. Like I said, shouldn't being funny come natural! LMAO,LOL, Give me a break! I don't feel the need to impose my comedic skills on anyone just yet.. however at this time I can recommend a couple of "HILARIOUS" movies.. But knowing my husband.. and his movie downloads he prob.. already saw them. Tough luck Papa maybe next time!Love you though! So here goes.. Top Ten Funnies movies of all times..1. Co coon 2. Save Willy 3. Titanic 4.The Green Mile 5. The Exorcist(really funny, so funny its scary) 6. My Sisters Keeper(you know that was so funny it had you crying) 7. Eyes Wide Shut 8.Bambi 9.Holocaust: The Liberation of Auschwitz, last but not least the funniest of them all 10.Born into brothers...There you have it.. Go and your own time. Time for the Daily Double!!!!!I'll take Jaded for 300 please!


  1. Well they do says its harder to make someone laugh then cry...

  2. I get your sense of humor. Nice twist. - Stacey