Wednesday, May 19

Mirror Mirror

Relationships are funny..they have a way of becoming their own entity seperate from the people involved in them. I always hear "the relationship that they had was so fake" or "they put that relationship on pedastal" or my favorite"that relationship is weird" People dwell much on what things are supposed to be like rather than what they are. Relationships of any kind are a blessing. It means a repore has been established, it means you have broken that seal of being protected and guarded and let someone in. Ladies dwell on what is expected from a relationship. It is fine to want things to be a certain way, to have influence over a situation ur involved in. However we need to know that once in a relationship if the desired results don't match up to your expectations keep it moving cause guess what they never will.Relationships are not their own person..they are attatched to people. People make relationships that's why when we find ourselves in a relationship that is not working out..most likely it's cause of the people involved..they are the true culprits..A relationship just doesnt go bad..people make it bad!


  1. Relationships for 600............

  2. I totally agree plus not all relationships can be the same...because all relationships are not with the same its always a fresh new start....

  3. i agree...relationships is with a different person from ur own... so both need to adapt to one another to make the relationship grow!!!