Thursday, May 20

Yo Son!

Ghetto! What the hell is Ghetto..many people use that term so loosely. And to tell you the truth I don't like it. I believe that people are products of society.(thanks to sociology class in college) but who are we to say ghetto. What is ghetto? Can someone please explain. Now I don't want to front(is that ghetto) I have used that word many a times. Times when I encounter girls that have no self respect..curse out loud in the streets, have more than 3 baby daddys..have those long ass fake nails. Or guys that wear them baggy ass jeans STILL (why do they wear their pants way off their ass now where they have to walk like ducks?) every other word is bitch when referring to a female, hanging out in street corners (wait those are drug dealers). I don't know when it should be used..I don't want to judge people..should I just shake my head and leave it to beaver..should I embrace them and offer advice on "becoming a better you" who the hell am I to even approach them. What I'm getting at is if these people have not been outside of what they are used to, if they have not had the opportunity to go beyond a 5 mile radius, if they have not met different kind of people other than their immediate neighbors ...who are we to judge them. Maybe we should just remember that we all have the possibility to be in that predicament. or are in that position just on a different level. No matter what - we shouldn't be judging. just thanking god (or whoever you believe in) that we have surpassed that. Now many of them will never get out of that..should we write them off. Not initiate contact? You could learn a lot from that so called Ghetto person. Lets not judge or point fingers, especially if we are not willing to do something positive to help the situation. Ghetto or not we are all brothers and sisters!

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