Friday, May 21

Hippity Hop!

So today's blog will be a bit different I will attempt to rhyme. Since everyone is a rapper now a days here goes...

Bloggin while I'm joggin with my viser on, Skipping while I'm tripping, Get my sippin on. Tryin to catch better man up.before I blow you up...
Are you up for a dare? Teach ya to respect me ,while you hatin on me, its okay to stare, got these numbers make ya wonder who's that girl right there. You see Im humble while you I'm floating on air.I'm commin with it, get your glasses and prepare for the glare. I feel the tention, did I mention. I ain't goin no where! hahahahaha...and I'm a leave it right there...!
You see it can't possibly be that difficult..wheres my bling bling.. and my bentley Ill be waiting for it!! Have your people call my people.. pass it along to Jigga.. Im so ready..Now all joking aside I have respect for hip hop. I love it. but what the hell is going on..why everybody and there moma wanna be rappers. Its stay in school, and get regular 9-5...You don't have to get that quick cash.. its harder than ya think! Kids its not all what its cracked up to be., dont fall into the hype! Do you. Something Light!

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