Monday, May 24

Water Please!

So 30's is not the new 20's, not in a million years!! I know this cause alcohol tolerance is not what it used to be, not mine anyway. This weekend @ brunch I found myself @ 4.30pm slouched over a communal table intoxicated, completely wasted! Shots, Shots, Shots was not even an option for me. Don't think I'll be revisiting Macondo ever again..out of respect for myself and the rest of the spectators. When did this happen? I know the same time I decided to hang out on the couch and live the calm, cool and collected lifestlye. I think I wont be drinking agian.. well not agian..until the next social function..haha, and I promise to show composure..even if its that last thing I do!! Thanks to MercaditoCantina..for the all you can drink brunch for 25 bucks.. prior to Macondo!!

It was an interesting weekend.. and I know that even though my tolerence was low, hangin out with Fam and friends felt really great! No wonder I was so drunk..the happier people are the more they drink according to the Science section in the New York Times! So maybe it wasnt my age.. it was the environment I found myself in!!! hahah, yes I will blame it on eveybody around me..and our good times. Happy Birthday to Graciel and Robert God Bless!! Whats your poison for 100 please!


  1. mimosas please!!!!.....hahahah had a blast!!! thanks!!!...yeah its def not the age...i look up to u so please don't tell me its the a few steps be hide you.....

  2. pasame la AGUA!! lol Love this Carmen!