Monday, May 24


So I find myself writing my blog at night, day prior to posting. It's getting kind of complicated posting day of..especially with "work".. I mean I am not superwoman...even though I may appear to be. However I will boast that I have become a very good multitasker... Being a mom does that to you. Especially when your 4 year old makes up his own punishments. I get a call from school, teacher wants to speak to me about my child who apparently has taken up the sport of "food flyin" ..(look it up it's in the Special Olympics...) So anyway, she calls and tells him I'm on the phone, he walks over to the phone with not a care in the world thinking Mommy dearest is not on the other side of that phone. Well I was.. and right away I asked what was wrong why was he acting up? and his response was" We will talk about it when I get home" Are you fucking kidding me. I was in a stump and I didn't have a come back! The kid was right! We should talk about it when he gets home! Stupid me for thinking this would get resolved over the phone. Now he is only 4but I feel him as my here I am all day at work thinking what would be the appropriate punishment for him...while all along he knew what his punishment would be! he storms in and exclaims"I know I know, I had a conversation with my dad..I'm gonna try harder and I'm going to behave" I'm now looking at him as if he has two heads..he looks at me and says" I know I'm in trouble.. I was thinking maybe I won't go to that birthday party on Saturday" ..Really ...Really... as I gather my thoughts.. I'm thinking that was my punishment....he stole my punishment..angry I reply" guess what you are going to that party" hahahah exactly what he wanted to hear..he says" okay only if you want me too" 4 years old...Now ..I'm upset..this little fucker won..but its not over as soon as I see him grin and walk over to his room ..I call him back with determination to make him feel some sort of remorse for his behavior at school... I say" No bike ridding for a month, or until I get 6 greens(behavior color chart @school) from you!"..he walks backs and says"are you kidding me right now, I'm just a kid" Got him!!!! "well then act like one! " I returned it back! 4 days after, 3 greens and one yellow...I'm determined! It's like playing checkers with a chess playing four year old ,This one is smart really smart.. but not smarter than me!!!! Ill take strategies for 300 please!

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