Thursday, May 27

Sex Me Up!

Well today is just going to be BONKERS!!!!! Sex and the City 2 comes out and you know those movie theaters are going to be jammed packed with ladies from all walks of life. However they all have one thinAdd Imageg in common...SEX..SEX..SEX. For over ten years us ladies have been living vicariously through each one the characters. I for example feel a solidarity with Miranda and Carrie..not just one character in particular. Now there are many people out there that swear they have never watched it..your lost! These ladies have managed to make me laugh cry..laugh..and cry some more...most importantly they teach valuable lessons on life, love, relationships, friendships etc...Granted they don't speak on world politics or the dow jones ..but that's why we read the NY Times.

Now there has been a surplus of delicious eye candy throughout the years.. what would we do without all the sexy boys that have participated in the sex.. I have the privilege of knowing one of them. So be on the look out for Jeff Diaz, 29 Dominican(straight), Hottie... you know I had to be specific! Making his debut in Sex and the City 2.. who would have thought Dominicans on SATC!. Fuck it..DSATC!!!!
Looking forward to tonight with all my beautiful ladies!!! and as Carrie would say“Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them.” ...Running Wild Tonight!


  1. SEX...for 500 please.....ur friend sure is a hottie...wink wink....

  2. Lovin it Carm!!! xoxoxo Stacey

  3. Jeff is definitely Sex in the City material..what a hottie!!
    Oh yeah, and I love the blog of course..hehehe