Friday, May 14

Work with me!

So I have made up my mind... tonight I plan to rebel against this age thing! I plan to stay up past 12 am and feel good about it the next day.
I plan to give no justifications or explanations,no extra vitamin consumption..NOTHING! Since the kids, you can find me in bed at 10pm daily. I always turn in early, not through my own encouragement..but my body's. Its like I find myself in a constant battle with both body and mind.. I feel like a damn R.Kelly Song in reverse. See, I love the Kels.. but that song right there ,that intro is what I feel in reverse every night! I try to find a way not to give in.. but its hard. Work all day, come home and work with the kids.. it has become a bit taxing on me.. I'm only 30 years old.. but I'm pushing 70! I know I'm young..I know I still have a lot in me, its just a matter of letting my body know that I mean business!!! I ask of it to be tolerant, to be reasonable and to think of what we used to be together.. we were wild and crazy at one point!
We used to break night all the time, with no regrets.. Now look at what we have become.. divided, lazy, settling... No its not right.. I'm not going to stand for it. We need to meet half way, negotiate..something! Its a shame once upon a time we did everything together.. now I find myself on the couch wondering how can I get this body to participate more! Something that used to come so natural has now become sort of a burden. Wish me luck cause tonight..Im gonna show it whose boss!! and from now on..Im not going to be passive with it, no more mrs nice guy! You'll see! Nursing homes for 100 please!

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