Wednesday, May 5


SO....during all my blog excitement last night I found it hard to sleep wondering what topic would be appropriate for my First official blog.. I think I was so amped about all the topics that I couldn't find my sleep. Laying there next to Poppa aka. my Husband. I kept telling him my ideas as he tried hard to find his own sleep. I wanted so much to be selfish and wake him, but contained myself. It was an unexplainable anxiety. I felt hungry but I was not about to get up at 2 a.m and gain 4 pounds on an indulgence. Then I thought about a glass of wine, but I'm on there goes that thought. I was buggin out. I mean seriously. WTF...its just a blog.. NOT! I have the potential to make people laugh, cry, get upset...and whatever else people are into now a days. Why is it that we put the pressure on ourselves to go beyond each and every time. Why are we never satisfied? Is it selfish for wanting more? Don't we deserve it? And that's how I found my topic. ..Satisfaction and our constant need for it. I need it, I want it, I gots to have it!!! God forbid you come between me and my wants! How many of us go through life passively, not wanting for a damn thing? I mean, in the constitution one of our the pursuit of happiness. And unfortunately not all our happiness is based on peace and saving the world. We are materialistic beings. We need objects,materialistic things in order to be happy. Ill feed the homeless, but can I please have my Red lipstick by Nars as well! Now I know I started out with satisfaction and find myself basking in materialistic things but don't they go hand in hand? Are you going to tell me that all of your satisfaction can be purely based on everything good and humane. Walking your annoying 80 year old neighbor down the steps, or countless selfless acts of love towards the next person we encounter? I refuse to believe that..and if you do ..give back those big engagement rings ladies, and the 100,000.00 wedding and fellas what's the point of fancy cars, 60"flat screens(wait thats a different topic all together)!!! I'll take relevance for 400 please!


  1. So true were are never satisfied...but i guess it comes down to how we approach getting what we want and knowing what we want is not always what we need....i feel with all that said u also touched a bit on ambition...

    love ur blog such a fan!