Tuesday, July 6

I'm Back!

I have missed you!!! No not you, you...For the past two weeks I have been on vacation, a very well deserved one! It felt good not to have a schedule and roam free, wake up late, enjoy the water, drinks, and whatever else was offered, guilt free! I did not miss the city one bit! What I did miss was writing the blog since I know I have some faithful readers(thank you, thank you). Never thought I would be a blogger and must share some info.. there are a whole lot of bloggers out there (just in case you didn't know) there is practically a blog for everything. I kind of feel bad my blog is not geared towards one specific thing. Oh well its my blog.."read if ya want" ..its my motto!

So during my vaca I went to Jamaica and the Jersey Shore.. I have a thing with letters and numbers. one year I went to Cabos and Columbia one year I went to DR and Denver...I kid..but I do have random moments like that, dates have to match and sound good together its easier for me to remember them, not just any dates, I'm not a freak..(ha) just important ones!
Well back to Jamaica and Jersey.. Jamaica first and (Mikey this ones for you!) I will never go back there again!!!!.. I'm sorry Bob, your people were kind of rude to me! I know ,I know ONE LOVE, ONE HEART! we have all seen the commercials....not!!!.. and maybe my comment is geared towards the hotel we stayed in the RIU NEGRIL!!! WTF it was a hot mess! I have never had such a vaca, where the towel boy tells you to go get a towel yourself! Thank God I was with my Family and Friends or else I would have been on the next plane up out of Jamrock!Not even the trees were good, Not that I smoked them.( I did,when in rome!)...but everything was not "Erie Mon" and me "Wan Gwan" to reach home real soon!

Jersey well that's another story..different kind of vaca,.. PG Rated with my kids..and other peoples kids..nice..laid back.. soothing.. again.. PG 13!

Till Next Monday!!Places not to visit for 100 please!

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