Monday, June 14

Breath Easy!

So I knew the decore blog would be hard.. since I'm a fanatic about interiors and there is just too many possibilities.. So here I am back to my basic blog, about me and everything else I want to speak about! This morning I was overwhelmed thinking that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my list, as usual.. I start thinking and stressing about absolutely everything. I carry those thoughts into my job where of course they are less receptive and where for the past 2 months threes has been nothing but a negative, fake energy in the air! Mid morning I stop everything, take a deep breath and exhale the longest breath you can possibly imagine. I start to think about all my blessings and my thoughts get interrupted by " I need you to call such and such.....because..such and such is happening" in the nastiest tone. Umm Thanks for interrupting my wusa moment! Particularly coming from one of the people that have been trying to make my work life a living appropriate! Now if i didn't know any better i would have thought this girl was premeditating my exact moment of release so she could step in with her request.. I dusted her off, and continued with my duties.. Rhianna's "I'm so hard" pops up into my Pandora and I'm like "yes, I am so hard" hahahah.. back to me! Now this could have gone completely the other way where I could have spazed on her.. which she rightfully deserves, for all these months of antagonizing me!but i held my composure and didn't allow her to see that she affected me in any way. We sometimes let people affect us in a negative way and we end up hurt, angry , or stressed out.. Not me, not anymore.. I'm letting many things and people sliiddddddddddddddddeeeeeeee! Cause at the end of the day, my moments and time are important to only me. I can choose to be happy or I can choose to get upset.. its in my hands! I am sure this girl was fishing for another outcome.. she didn't get it., never ever gonna get it! Ill take moments that take your breath away for 400 please!


  1. ditto that Carmen! very well said! mean people like that...are in a way sad..You are such a super woman & u know it. Not letting her affect you, you definitely won, the positives will come back to you...well, u already have it nut you'll have tons more!

  2. Yes there is so much more to to life then the pity stuff live love laugh .....

  3. I love it!!! I can so relate to this. As per our last conversation, when I visited your beautiful home, I'll have you know I finally got rid of that person who took my wusa moments away. I took one last deep breath and moved on to bigger and better things. Thanks for your blog chica!

    I'll take moving on for 500 please ;-)