Thursday, May 13

Forever? Forever ever?

Today I am Focused on future wedding plans.. no not my own!..but of someone I hold dear to me! It's all very premature.. but I'm focused and somewhere in my heart I feel this is the one! So back off Sis, I Run This Wedding! With that being said.. I think we never give enough credit to marriage and everything that comes with it... I know the DRESS..OMG The Dress, the RING, The Reception, all those things are pretty amazing.. but is everyone truly prepared for what comes afterward. We can all get so caught up in the planning of the wedding that we sometimes forget the motivation behind it and what our commitment to it signifies! I know marriage is not perfect.. it can't be(I speak of my own experience)How could it be. We are all different people, that come together as one, to live life as one. There is going to be a clash somewhere in there! When I came home from my honeymoon, I cried my eyes out.. I cried..cause I didn't know what awaited me. I didn't know what was next..Me of the most selfish people I know..COMPROMISE.?????Would that ever be possible, and how? Don't get me wrong I knew what I signed up for. But I was scared, and for the first time felt I like an adult! I was always independent. I did my own laundry, I knew how to cook, clean..etc.etc. But we all know that is not marriage. I have been married almost 6 years and you can actually count my days of cooking and the laundry has always been sent out.. SO THANK GOD marriage is not based on those things! However ,if you ask my husband who knows him best .....and you ask me, you'll know why we are married! Now its not to say that in 6 years of marriage and 13 years of dating he would have known my favorite perfumes, but he still doesn't, "I'm complicated" and its alright. Cause all that stuff really doesn't matter..what does matter is that he's the one I can count on when I'm sick in bed, he's the one I trust my insecurities to. Marriage is much more than fancy dinners, honeymoons, vacations.. More about a life long project to accept one another "as is" normally you wouldn't buy a house "as is" or shoes unless there was some sort of discount..With Marriage there isn't any, what ya see is what ya get..and you have better made sure that what ya see is something you want to see for the long run.. Yes there is always the option of Divorce..but really, when you get married no one aims for a divorce. Unless you are a "Real housewife of Orange County" or a "Basketball Wife"! So I'll take wedding songs for 200 please!

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