Monday, May 17

Part Duece:Work With Me

So I don't know if any of you read last weeks blog about me not going gentle in that good night! I have news about that night and my not so gentle ways. It all started about 6:30pm, I was amping myself up, putting on the music, taking care of business with my kids.. etc etc.. I decided to pick out what I was going to wear. My four year old, walks up to me in a very sarcastic tone"oh yeah, yeah right you are going to go out,you're kidding me right?" Calmly I said "I'm going out with Tia Erica and some friends and you are going to stay home with Tia Lucia and behave like a very good boy". As I continue picking out a quick outfit, I hear his words again, this time isn't wasn't my son, but my mind, my mind playing tricks on me! "what are you doing? just stay home and relax.. you are tired, you just had a baby" No!!! not today I became angry and said out loud " I'm Going Out" my son answered" I know, you told me already..I believe you" hahah I was determined to the point of talking to myself. I hear the doorbell ,my sidekick Erica is here, ready to party! At this point I'm on the couch with my 6month old baby..making up excuses why I should not go out. I pull myself together call up Lucia and tell her to come up that I need to get ready.. ( I love Lucia).I hear the keys at the door.. YES! its on.. I have not given my mind enough time to process a new excuse for not going out! I'm in the shower!!! now to get dressed, put on my sparkly face and get the steppin! I overcame this guilt, laziness, at least for tonight. The next part of the night is something kind of different.. We went out to Jersey with a group of friends, whose brother owns a Sports Bar, SkyBox Sports Bar to be exact! Now I know your thinking..who parties in Jersey???? That's what I thought... but once there and the DJ Spinning all the classics and new joints.. It was worth the ride! Last thing you need is traveling to a destination unknown (Roselle,NJ)for a not so good time. The people in Skybox were great, the bartenders were really friendly especially the one on the lower level that looked so young I could have passed for her mother! (but I'm not) so pass me the drink sweetie!(water to be exact)! Im not trying to get blasted in Jersey no matter how good the music is! But the atmosphere was cool! and I could deff visit there again! So..... you could say Jersey was the spot to get my motivation going for future outings!!!NO more staying home..I got to get up , get out and get some!!!!(just hope Lucia is up for the challenge!) Places to go for 1000 please!

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  1. NICE!!! hahaha....
    I have no kids and feel the same way sometimes...
    But we have this weekend!!!!